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15th June 2015





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    Jonsey Cafe 432

    22nd July 2015

    Have worked with Brian on many projects from productions to remix.

    He is a truly talented Keyboard player and strong in many areas of production including programing, mixing, recording and arranging.

    He is also a complete tosser and I love him.x

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    10th August 2015

    Brian's was really easy to work with. The process really is as simple as it sounds. Within a few days I had down all the pads, chords, leads etc that really brought the track to life- all sitting perfectly in key! All the keys were sent as midi so I was free to experiment with different instruments as well to find the perfect sound. 100% recommended especially if you aren't so classically trained it's a no brainer! Thanks Brian

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    I have just finished a project with Brian that will be released in the near future.
    It was a pleasure to work with someone with such professionalism and who makes sure every attention to detail is managed.

    Thanks Brian, I will be back !!!

    Paul [ MuSol ]

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    11th August 2015

    Brian just gets it!
    Brian's experience and talent comes together to provide a service that's enjoyable and helps bring your vision to life.
    He's my go to keys man every time.

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    Jeremy Newall

    11th August 2015

    From the clear and simple website, the creative flow through to final delivery couldn’t have been smoother.
    Brian is on point for sure, you can be sure he gets the nuances of your vibe and nails it every time.
    Thoroughly recommended!

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    Dj Suff

    20th August 2015

    Well what can i say about this genuine nice guy.
    I was stuck on my last progect where i wasn't sure if my chords or keys were in tune so i hesitation i contacted Brian and felt a little bit intimidated due to his wealth of experience and my meanial questions might sound stupid,but what i found was he was the most helpful person i could have ever met to help and to develop my track to the next level with additional chords and alternative solos and retakes if i needed with out even leaving my home.I can say it was a exteme pleasure to work with and well worth the money

    I do recommend him highly to anyone that needs any "Keys" and look forward to working with him again in the near future!!

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    James T

    13th October 2015

    Little did I know until a few years ago Brian was behind some of the biggest names in the early house and garage scene. Supplying keys for many classics that I used to play as a teenager which influences some of my productions to current date.

    A great professional service which exceeded all of my expectations and beyond. The best apart of it all is his experience throughout many genres over his musical career. Brian understood what my needs were straight away and being up to date with the house scene he has helped me provide something on a very musical vibe keeping my production sounding "fresh" (that stands out at the same time).

    To have Brian play on my productions now, not only takes my productions to another level but is something I would never of dreamed of happening all those years ago from listening to his Banana Republic productions on Vinyl

    Safe to say Brian is now my "go to" guy!

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    30th October 2015

    Brian was a pleasure to work,
    The midi/wav files were fired over to me within a few days and were outstanding ...
    Very professional ...
    I would highly recommend Brian's session keyboards to anyone ...
    Will be working with Brian again on future projects ...

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    Jack Swift

    5th November 2015

    Working with Brian was an absolute pleasure.

    Brian has a wealth of experience to draw on and was in fact responsible for some of my favourite tracks for the mid 90's.

    In terms of the service, all the midi/audio was sent over within a couple of days and it was of a very high standard. I was after that mid 90's vibe and Brian hit the nail on the head.

    If you're not classically trained then Brian is your man.


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    Nik Moss

    14th July 2016

    Top class bloke , Brian delivered on all levels!
    Was really happy with the service Brian provided ,laid down some amazing keys super fast turnaround in a very professional manner.
    Midi & Audio delivered on point super speedy.

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    Jack Swift

    29th July 2016

    Was an absolute pleasure working with Brian again! He is a truly talented Keyboard player. I needed a few extra parts for the project i'm working on and Brian absolutely nailed them! Thoroughly recommended! 10/10

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    Johan S

    5th December 2016

    Brian replayed the big piano riff on my 2017 remix of "When Luvs The Feeling" and needless to say the session was flawless - quick and easy! The finished midi files went straight into the track - done!

    Thanks Brian! It was an absolute pleasure working with you! 10/10

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    Joey Silvero

    20th January 2018

    Brian is so easy to work with, fast service and is always willing to go the extra distance to get the feel your looking for.
    No matter what style brian is very flexible and talented. Great guy very professional.

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